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Starting Over: Dating Again After a Breakup

Struggling through a break up is never easy. Even if the decision was mutual and even if things ended amicably, there are still hurt feelings and a sense of loss. But things ended for a reason, and it’s important to move on and start focusing on something new. Some will want a little time to grieve the old relationship before getting back into the swing of things. Others will want to jump in with both feet. When the time comes to starting meeting new people, here are a couple of dating tips that could make the experience a little easier.

Take a Moment for Self-Reflection

Think about what you really want in a new relationship. Don’t just look for the next available person. Is this something that should be casual and fun? Is the goal to find someone to spend the rest of your life with? It helps to put some thought into the new relationship before it begins. This doesn’t mean that because the next person isn’t into dating seriously it’s a deal breaker. But setting up some parameters and goals can make getting back out there a little more defined.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

With the old relationship in the past, it can be tempting to start with a clean slate and move on. But it is important to take some time and examine what happened. There is often a lesson to be learned in a failed relationship. Go into things with a new perspective. Don’t make the same mistakes. Don’t choose the same kind of person. Don’t wait too long to speak up about things that aren’t working. Make sure that something good comes of the hurt. Lessons in love aren’t easy but they can be helpful.

Don’t Talk About the Old Relationship

After reflecting on mistakes of the past and committing to preventing them, it makes sense that the breakup tends to be on a person’s mind. But don’t bring that baggage into the next meet up. Instead, try to avoid going into too much detail about the previous girlfriend or boyfriend. It can quickly sour a conversation and prevent two people from moving forward because of the awkwardness it creates.